I have over two decades of experience working in a variety of NHS and charity settings, delivering evidenced based interventions as a full time professional counsellor.

The beauty of hypnosis is that it draws on the best and most effective tools from other solutions focused methods such as cognitive behavioural therapy.

Clients who want change are often put off by the cost and time implications of other ‘Talking Therapies’.  The beauty of hypnosis is that you may get benefits right from the first session and these benefits may develop and grow between sessions.

Like anything worth having,  it  will require some effort and commitment on your part, as despite what some people think, hypnosis is not ‘magic’.  But anything of value needs, effort and motivation to make the outcomes you desire more likely to happen.

There are misconceptions that hypnosis is about going into a trance and being unconscious so good stuff just happens without having to do any work yourself. If only this was so – it would make the process of change much easier. But for lasting beneficial changes to occur, we need to work together. Hypnosis is really about using your mind ‘naturally’ and in a concentrated,  absorbed and focused way in order to be more likely to achieve the outcomes that you desire.

Every treatment is unique to each person and results may vary from individual to individual