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Learn skills – that may help you towards achieving your potential and enhance confidence.

Performance Coaching

I have a particular specialism in coaching for performance; whether it’s for passing that test, exam, auditions, public performance,  job interview or any situation where you need to be the best you can be – easily and naturally.

Addiction Recovery and Smoking Cessation

I am an expert in addiction recovery and the substance misuse field, based on over two decades of experience as a full-time counsellor in the NHS and rehabilitation centres in the UK.  I have extensive training as an Addiction and Recovery Specialist from both King’s College London and the Maudsley Hospital, London. Whether you are struggling with concerns or have had a period of drug-free progress but feel stuck or vulnerable to relapse,  I can provide specialist support and help.

Alongside this specialism, I work with a broad range of issues and concerns using solution-focused counselling and cutting edge methods to find the best outcome for each individual.

These treatments may help you achieve:

  • Higher Levels of Energy and Motivation
  • Self Esteem and Self Compassion
  • Performance Enhancement
  • Appetite Control
  • Freedom from Phobia
  • Freedom from Smoking and Addictive behaviours
  • Healthy Lifestyle Choices
  • Memory and Concentration skills

 Every treatment is unique to each person and results may vary from individual to individual

I can also offer training on:

  • Self Hypnosis and Mindfulness
  • Anger & Mood Management
  • Relapse Prevention and Recovery Training

Call 07986 606497 for help and advice and a free initial consultation.

I can provide free audio recordings tailor-made for your individual needs when you have sessions with me.

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