With over three decades of experience as health practitioner and therapist in both  private & NHS settings, Colin brings a wealth of skills and resources to help you be where you want to be.

The beauty of hypnosis is that it draws on the best and most effective proven tools and methods. People who are wanting  change can be deterred by the cost and time implications of unproven-often outdated talking therapies.  The joy and practicality of  hypnosis is that it draws from the latest neuroscience research and consequently you get benefits right from the beginning. This process grows and progress as sessions progress culminating in lasting change.

Progressive modern hypnosis is a collaborative process and like anything worth having requires commitment and focus.  Using your imagination or just having a committed intention to make the changes you want to make is wonderfully liberating; consequently this new freedom will spread and generalise into other areas of you life easily, naturally and creating a new you.


Every treatment is unique to each person and results may vary from individual to individual