Rewind Technique

New evidence proves that the Rewind Technique is a very effective way to help people with PTSD.

The Rewind technique is already widely used regularly in NHS and private practice settings in the UK. The results of a recent trial conducted by Cardiff University in 2023 demonstrate that it is a highly effective treatment for people suffering from PTSD.

As a CBT hypnotherapist, Colin has used the Rewind Technique developed by Dr David Muss to treat clients who never hoped to get their lives back from the devastating effects of living with trauma. With this new proof, Colin can continue to help and support clients to recover their lives from living with PTSD. This is great news for practitioners and clients alike.

The beauty of the Rewind technique is that you do not need to know what the client’s trauma is. The treatment is relatively quick and effective and has now officially been proven to work. Colin is keen to spread the word about the technique. Please do contact him if you would like to know more.