About Colin Jones

Colin has over three decades of experience as a fully qualified counsellor and hypnotherapist in both private & NHS settings. 


Colin has extensive training as an Addiction and Recovery Specialist from both King’s College London and the Maudsley Hospital, London. He has worked in many settings across the UK.


Colin was awarded a PGDip in Addiction Counselling by Kings College, London (2003)

Colin trained as a hypnotherapist (MNCH Reg) with the The Anglo European College of Hypnosis (2013)

CBT Smoking Cessation (2017)

CBT Hypnosis (2021)

PTSD (Rewind Technique) (2021)

Stress Management and Resilience Building (2021)

All training completed since 2017 has been with the UK College of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy.

An expert in addiction recovery and the substance misuse field, based on over three decades of experience, Colin has worked as a full-time counsellor in the NHS and rehabilitation centres in the UK since 1991. 

Whether you are struggling with concerns or have had a period of drug-free progress but feel stuck or vulnerable to relapse,  Colin can provide specialist support and help.

Colin has a specialism in coaching for performance. Whether it’s for passing that test, exam, audition, public performance, job interview or any situation where you need to be the best you can be – easily and naturally, Colin can help with this. Find out more about the variety of ways hypnotherapy can help here.¬†


Colin is registered with Addiction Professionals (formerly FDAP) which provides ongoing professional development and requires a strict code of professional and ethical conduct.

Colin is accredited by the National Council of Hypnotherapy (NCH) and CNHC. The Department of Health recommends that members of the public always consult with a CNHC registered professional when working with a complementary healthcare practitioner.